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How to build growth loops and send personalized cold emails while you sleep

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"They gon' love me for my ambition

Easy to dream a dream, though it's harder to live it

Look, they gon' love me for my ambition

Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision"

That's the way to start the year! We've got some special magic for you to kick off 2024 on the right foot:

How to build growth loops for your startup or freelance business

🏭 Send personalized cold email while you sleep

How to acquire and keep customers on copilot

Imagine generating a constant flow of happy customers without having to add any additional sales and marketing energy.

This dream can become a reality by using the power of growth loops. Growth loops are cycles that acquire, engage, and retain users repeatedly.

If you're a small team or even a one-person operation, gearing yourself with a perpetual motion machine might be a good idea.

There are many types, like viral, content-led, and paid loops.Strong loops have happy users at the center, focused on your north star metric.

Instead of trying to push a stranger down your sales funnel faster than you can yell "scissors", you put them at the center of what you do.

To build sustainable growth, forget funnels. Create flywheels that keep spinning.

We get into full growth-loop mode 🤖 in our latest blog post. Learn to build growth loops for your startup or freelance business.

Build your startup or freelance business with cold emails

Email is still the most cost-efficient channel to acquire users. It doesn't matter if you are an introvert, a tech founder, or a lifelong sales professional.

In our latest podcast episode, our guest, Frank Sondors, CEO of Salesforge gives a bunch of tips to automate your cold email effort without using those boring templates.

An ex-Googler, Frank decided to turn down a great sales executive job to start his startup. He’s now planning to disrupt the sales tech space with Salesforge.

Frank talks about his thought process, decision-making, and reasons behind transitioning from a sales expert to a tech entrepreneur.

If you're a SaaS founder or anyone struggling to generate leads and win new customers, that's the episode for you.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Frank's beachhead strategy to go upmarket
  • Salesforge's consumption-based pricing strategy
  • How to find new customers using Frank's simple cold email strategy
  • How to give your prospects more reasons to reply to you
  • Using Multi-threading to win more enterprise accounts
  • How Frank validated his idea and got pre-orders before writing a single line of code
  • Getting ready for sales while building the MVP with a waitlist and pilots .

Listen the full episode here.

When automation brings more than you can handle

In December, you may remember that we implemented a series of automation to improve how we work and run the business.

We targeted two key areas:

  • Podcast scheduling and preparation
  • Content distribution and repurposing

To be honest, I feel we've been the victims of our success and got some impressive results.

  • 🚀 100% increase in lead generation and 300% jump in LinkedIn profile visits over two weeks
  • 🏃🏾‍♂️ 80% reduction of time spent on podcast scheduling, preparation, editing, and promotion
  • 🎙 7 podcast interviews scheduled in 2 days

We use tools like Zapier, Custom GPTs,, Notion, Waalaxy, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, Calendly, etc. to improve massively the quantity and quality of our output.

If you'd like to automate your business, but don't know how, just fill out this short form and we'll be in touch.

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