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Last month, 227 new comrades joined our ragtag crew. Welcome aboard! 🚀

What we got on tap for y'all today:

  1. 🌠 North Star: Decoding the secret of prioritizing like a boss
  2. 🎤 Tech Open Air Festival: A Berlin bonanza you'll wanna read about
  3. 💡 Lead Generation got you down? Worry no more

Intrigued? Let's dive in, my friend.

🌠 North Star: Your Key to the Prioritizing Kingdom

Check out our latest blog post to uncover the secrets of the mysterious North Star Metric (NSM). You'll learn how to:

  • Navigate the treacherous seas of business chaos
  • Keep the beady eyes of investors off your back
  • Silence your well-meaning mom's job advice

We're talking real-deal examples, pitfalls you'll wanna steer clear of, and a guide to building a business that lasts. Discover your North Star today!

North Start Metric

🎤 Tech Open Air Festival: A Berlin Diary

Matheus and I got to gallivant around the Tech Open Air Festival in Berlin. Though it's downsized from its pre-Covid glamour, the content was still top-notch (Chef's kiss! 👌).

We delved into Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability.

We had the chance to hear from Sarah Mardini, a Syrian refugee whose story was told in the acclaimed Netflix film The Swimmers. A great lesson she's learned and shared: “Believing that calamities happening elsewhere cannot happen at home is a mistake.”

Adi Ben-Ari from Applied Blockchain and Arnaud Touret from UPPFIRST talked about combining the user experience of Web 2 with the game-changing possibilities of Web 3. In our opinion, that's the right mindset to accelerate adoption. You shouldn't have to be a tech guru to tap into the power of Web 3.

And guess what? Our newfound knowledge is yours to enjoy too. We're bringing some of the fab speakers onto our Growth Leap podcast, so stay tuned!

💡 Lead Generation Showdown: Say Goodbye to That Downside

We know the pain of generating leads. That's why we're offering a life raft to those struggling. We'll guide you in:

  • Designing sales funnels and growth loops
  • Crafting killer value propositions and telling a marketing story that's irresistible
  • Putting a simple lead gen strategy plan into action

Don't be shy. Depending on your needs, budget, and timeline, we can help with:

  • Teardown of your present strategy, process, or marketing material.
  • A live remote workshop for you or your team to solve a specific problem.
  • Full execution of the necessary work if you're pressed for time.

Yes, I'd like more leads

🐦 Twitter’s new branding got some attention

WWF and McCann Germany managed to bring wildlife protection into the Twitter rebranding conversation. After using the evolution and ultimate end of the Twitter bird logo, WWF explains that “a quarter of mammal species, one in eight bird species, more than 30% of sharks and rays, and 40% of amphibian species are endangered.” Check the full post here.

👨💻  Data Analytics Expert !

We're on the hunt for a talented Data Analytics Expert to join our team as a part-time freelancer. You’ll be responsible for setting up our analytics stack, getting our tags working like magic, monitoring data, and providing recommendations for optimization and know how to teach, we want to hear from you!

That's all folks. If you enjoyed today's issue or have a question, just hit reply!

Now quit your dawdlin' and go conquer the world like the entrepreneur you are! 💪

See you next Month — Michel

P.S. 1.3k+ entrepreneurs/growth marketers and counting. Have a good week from Berlin.

P.P.S. Song of the week by Flying Lotus

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