Welcome to Growth Leap, a Stun and Awe podcast that looks into how business builders are designing and growing their companies for performance and impact. 

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Michel is Global Managing Director at plista, a global adtech company and Strategic Advisor at Stun and Awe. He worked in management consulting for PwC both in Canada and Germany advising tech companies on international expansion. Before that consulting adventure, he worked in strategy and international business development in the aerospace and mobility industry.

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About GL Podcast

In Growth Leap, host Michel Gagnon sits with business builders, innovators, and tech startup leaders to decode how they think about growth and design businesses for performance, meaning, and impact. ​


Instead of talking about more money, more growth, more funding rounds, and more B.S., we talk about the challenges of building a business that matters and that runs like a 21st century organization. ​


We talk to interesting business leaders and changemakers from the likes of Factmata, Linkedin, OMR, Plan A, Airbus, Siemens, Rokoko, GLEAC, Uvaro etc.

What should you expect? 

Growth Leap - Interviews

Interviews with business builders and innovators from around the world.

Growth Leap strategy to grow your business

Concrete examples of  strategies and tactics they used to grow their business.

Growth Leap Tools

Tools and tips that you could use in your own meaningful endeavour.

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