January 18, 2024

The Power of AI in Sales: Cold Email Personalization at Scale with Frank Sondors, Salesforge’s CEO

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
CEO of Stun&Awe

Would you turn down a great Sales Executive job to start your own startup?

That’s exactly what our guest did.

We're launching our new podcast season with the driven and generous Frank Sondors, co-founder and CEO of Salesforge, an AI-powered app that lets salespeople do personalized cold emails at scale.

Frank believes sales tech is in for a massive disruption, and he's keen on being in the driver's seat.

We talk about his thought process, decision-making, and reasons behind transitioning from a sales expert to a tech entrepreneur. We delve into how he plans to disrupt the sales tech space with Salesforge.

He shares tons of tips, including:

  • His multi-thread approach to winning new accounts
  • How he found early customers in a coffeeshop in Berlin
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • And more

You should always think about Founder/Market fit when you're starting a startup. And I can tell you it makes a huge difference because you can click with your prospect instantly.

We covered:

01:24 The birth of Salesforge 

05:07 How much personalization can Salesforge add to your email? 

07:39 How does the Salesforge onboarding look like? 

12:41 Salesforge's target customers and Frank's beachhead strategy to go upmarket 

18:07 Frank's consumption-based pricing strategy 

22:26 How to find new customers using Frank's simple cold email strategy 

25:49 How to give your prospects more reasons to reply to you 

28:07 Use Multi treading to win more enterprise accounts 

28:51 How Frank transitioned from sales executives to startup founder 

31:07 How Frank validated his idea and got pre-orders before writing a single line of code 

34:41 Where Frank found his co-founders 

37:16 How Frank built his MVP without building anything 

38:20 Getting ready for sales while building the MVP with a waitlist and pilots ‍ 

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