Data Analytics Expert

We are looking for a smart, effective, and business-oriented Data Analytics Expert with 2-3 years of experience.You’ll be responsible for setting up our analytics stack, getting our tags working like magic, monitoring data, and providing recommendations for optimization.


  • Work with the team to set campaign tagging and tracking implementation using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and other digital marketing platforms.
  • Develop intuitive, scalable dashboards with Google Data Studio, Segment or Amplitude reports and analyses to track performance and help with planning and decision-making.
  • Monitor data insights to identify trends, issues, and opportunities and suggest optimizations to marketing efforts make recommendations to optimize funnels, ad and marketing campaigns.
  • Present to the team analytics reports, including campaign, and web analytics.
  • Support with digital advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc.


  • You know the ins and outs of GTM and GA4 and have years of experience making sure people can make informed decisions and optimize their marketing efforts.
  • You got a degree of Data Science or similar
  • You got code skills related to Data e.g. SQL, Query, etc
  • You have proven experienced with top CMS e.g. Webflow, Wordpress, Shopify etc
  • You’re organized
  • You live in the same time zone(s) as ours, i.e. Europe/Africa.
  • 2-3 years of relevant experience
  • Fun with a high level of entrepreneurship and autonomy
  • You'll get bonus points if you could see yourself in the near future teaching an Analytics course.
  • Fluent in English and plus another european language
  • Team player

About Stun and Awe?

Stun and Awe is a Growth and Product Design company whose mission is to transform businesses into designers of positive change. We offer learning experiences with online courses and coaching, do-for-you growth services, and a community of people who care and share about building growth systems and user-centric products and creating sustainable businesses.

We believe that:

  • Aiming high and challenging the status quo is the only way to build something meaningful
  • Collaboration & diversity create better solutions to big problems
  • Sustainability must be the default mode for operating businesses
  • Being authentic is the first step to building true relationships
  • Creative people can change the world
  • Since the world constantly changes, we must constantly learn

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