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☝️ The nodding strategy, growth tactics, and automation

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This week, we cover:

  • The nodding strategy that helped a micro-mobility startup grow by 272%
  • FREE guide: 25 acquisition tactics (with examples)
  • Tweets worth seeing

How HumanForest is kicking ass with its marketing

HumanForest wants to get people out of cars and onto bikes. The B Corp has raised more than $3M and mastered a few marketing tricks.

It all revolves around their nodding strategy!

They "have a vision that when two HumanForest riders pass each other on bikes they both give a knowing ‘nod’ to the rider heading in the opposite direction.

The nod says, “We don’t know each other but we just might have something in common”. You might find the same thing when two skateboarders cross paths, perhaps two people wearing the same football shirt, or even a mutual friend you know... but not well enough to stop and chat."

The results?

  • A loyal following
  • A team that has grown by 272%
  • A brand built around an effective "nodding strategy"

Check them out

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We created a FREE guide of 25 acquisition tactics (with examples from established businesses) to help you grow your audience and customer base.

FREE guide of 25 acquisition tactics
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Tweets we liked this week

The 20-Hour CEO shading her colleagues 🤭

Davio White’s win reminds us it's never too late to start 💪🏻

This a gentle reminder to check on your Social Media Team 😂

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