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🎯 How to create a killer product

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Hello everyone,

First, a warm welcome to the 184 new subscribers who joined us since my last email! 🎺🎉 It's a real treat to have you onboard!

There are two really hot topics at the moment: product-led growth and AI.

Well, it's your lucky day because in today's podcast episode we talk about both. 🤯

I chatted with Henning Heinrich, Group Product Manager, Product Growth at Hootsuite, about how to create a killer product through experiments, user research, and, of course, a little something called ChatGPT.

Henning spilled the tea on how his team measures success, prioritizes experiment ideas, and even gave us a real-life example of price tests you can try out for yourself.

Plus, he shared some stories about what NOT to ask your customers during user research (trust me, you'll want to hear this).

So, if you're ready to take your growth strategy to the next level, check out our podcast episode with Henning!

It's packed with growth tips, frameworks, and concrete examples that you can test.

It's a wild ride, but we promise it's worth it!

Growth Leap Podcast with Hootsuite

As Henning says, "Successful growth marketing is about stacking good habits and taking an iterative approach." So, let's start stacking those good habits and listen to the episode now!

Listen now!

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