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Two main points for you today:

  • Learn from some of the top women in business and tech
  • Concrete channel strategy examples that bring leads, customers, and awareness

Best Women in Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Best Women in Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to know what product-led motion is? Interested in self-publishing your book? Curious about how Jacquelyn Rodgers got black Santa onto Target shelves?

Well, it's your lucky day. We're celebrating Women's History Month and are putting the spotlight on a few smart and influential women in business and tech.

We compiled a list of the Best Women in Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs that cover answers to all of the above.

If you're a macho man, you should pay attention. There's growing evidence that female-led startups massively outperform male-led startups (check our sources). There might be a few things to learn from them.

With women accounting for nearly half of all new business owners in the US and Germany in 2021, supporting and uplifting female entrepreneurs is essential.

We curated a nice list. Depending on your style, interest, and focus, you have five excellent podcasts to choose from.

Check them out!

Digital channel strategies to gain leads and win new customers

We also released our first solo podcast episode. I break down three real-life examples of channel strategies that generated thousands in sales and MRR and hundreds of new newsletter subscribers.

Many people try to be on too many channels. Others do a poor job on each channel. Others chase the next shiny thing. Others act like weirdos.

Once you start seeing your channels as a coherent whole, you'll 10x your results.

Stop wasting time creating noise on social media and your website.

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