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👁️ What to do when nothing seems to be going your way

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Hope you had a good weekend because the week did not start well on my end.

I have been working with a great Analytics Specialist for a short while. He's been doing a fantastic job. Unfortunately, we’re losing him as he must join the Ukrainian army and leave to fight.

As Niko Bellic once wisely said, “war is where the young are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.”

We’re sending him all the positive energy and support that we can. We know Artur will be back sooner than later. ❤️

This week, we cover

  • Apophenia or the entrepreneur’s curse (what to do when nothing seems to be going your way)
  • Valentine's day is HERE! A gift of learning makes all the difference
  • Tweets worth seeing

What to do when nothing seems to be going your way?

Being an entrepreneur, Indie Hacker, and growth marketer can be a real rollercoaster of emotions.

Some days you wake up feeling full of energy and enthusiasm as you see progress emerging from your hard work and dedication.

Other days, you start seeing discouraging patterns. Dragging sales, an unhappy customer, a “failed” marketing experiment, or another bug.

The trick is, are these signs drawing a real pattern?

In psychology, there’s something called Apophenia: the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things.

Spotting a pattern in the market that can lead to a business opportunity is great. Seeing a false pattern of misfortune can be tragic.

But it happens to all of us.

Here are two tips I use that could help you when you fall prey to Apophenia.

  1. I ask myself: “What can I learn from this?”
    I try not to overanalyze, but pausing and reflecting on the situation can be a powerful tool. I usually ask myself if maybe:
  2. I have too much on my plate and should slow down.
  3. I am not focused on what will move the needle.
  4. I need to toughen up (some customers won’t be happy with you no matter what).

  5. I just show up.
    When I have one of those bad days, I try to stop thinking about it, and just do something. Anything that is on my todo list.

    I even allow myself to pick the easy stuff on the list as long as I show up and keep going forward.

Building a business, a career, a family takes resilience.

Next time you think you’re noticing a negative pattern taking shape, ask yourself what you can learn from this and then just show up.

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Tweets we liked this week

It’s that simple🤷🏼‍♀️Be concise.

Jeremy’s advice to copywriters. ✍🏼

Good product + Good marketing? Got it!😀

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Have a great week!

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