April 23, 2024

How To Use ChatGPT 4 to Build Your Brand, Grow Revenue, and Innovate

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
CEO of Stun&Awe

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you must learn how to use ChatGPT 4. It’ll help you run a tighter ship, boost your marketing and sales, deepen your customer insights, adapt to customer demand faster, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

If you don’t learn how to integrate AI tools in your operations, you’ll be left behind.

I’m not trying to scare you. I’m not that kind of guy. But disregarding AI today is like disregarding the Internet in the 90s.

Yes, there was a dot-com bubble. There is an AI bubble bubbling too. But that’s not a reason not to get started.

Generative AI is complicated. And there is a lot more to learn than just ChatGPT. But in this post, I’ll dive into the most impactful and practical ways you can utilize ChatGPT 4 to build a stronger, more resilient, and more innovative business.

Unleash Content Creation Superpowers

Creating high-quality, engaging content consistently is the foundation of a thriving online presence.

It sounds kinda great, but it’s pretty tough to do.

Content creation can be incredibly time-consuming and drain your resources fast. I know, I host the Growth Leap Podcast and publish regularly on Medium, the Stun and Awe blog, and social media platforms.

That’s where knowing how to use ChatGPT can truly enhance your effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Brainstorm Fresh Topics & Angles

I started my career in corporate communication. I wrote speeches for Laurent Beaudoin, the Bill Gates of Canada and CEO of a 20-billion-dollar company back then.

One day we were sitting in his suite at the Shanghai-La Hotel in Shanghai reviewing the speech he would give in front of the mayor of Shanghai and dozens of other CEOs of multinationals. He wanted to change something in the speech, and I needed to come up with some smart idea. But inspiration doesn’t work on autopilot. And on days like this one, I needed to deliver. On days like this one, I needed ChatGPT!

Today, I run a business and create constantly. Writer’s block is pretty much gone because ChatGPT 4 is an idea-generation machine.

Given its vast knowledge and creative capabilities, it can help you:

  • Analyze data to identify trending topics in your niche
  • Help you brainstorm new ideas or expand existing ones
  • Explore new content formats and unique angles on existing topics

Follow Austin Kleon’s advice when he writes that nothing is original.

Every artist gets asked the question, “where do you get your ideas?” The honest artist answers, “I steal them.”

To the simple minds who may have landed on this article by chance, this is not a license to plagiarize. Use ChatGPT as a starting point. Then add your unique point of view, experience, and values. Instead of wasting time trying to find THE original idea, look at the world like an artist.

2. Streamline Research & Outlining

In-depth research is crucial for creating informative, trustworthy content. But it can also be a huge time suck. ChatGPT 4 is like having a super smart research assistant to help you:

  • Gather relevant info from multiple sources quickly
  • Summarize complex studies & reports into key takeaways
  • Generate clear outlines to structure your content logically

There are a lot of risks in business. The most dangerous ones are often the ones we fail to consider. ChatGPT 4 can act as your guardrail and ensure your research is comprehensive.

Protect yourself from your blind spots by asking ChatGPT what elements are missing in your research and action plan. Are you over- or underweighting some points?

With the heavy lifting of research handled, you can focus on the fun part — the writing itself.

3. Become a More Effective Storyteller, Writer, & Editor

Successful companies often have leaders who are great storytellers. Steve Jobs is the most frequently cited example. If you’re not too old, you’ll remember his 1000 songs in your pocket.

Crafting content that resonates with your target audience requires stellar writing chops and a sharp editorial eye. And it can be daunting and painful. While ChatGPT 4 can’t replace human creativity, it can be an invaluable writing partner. Use it to:

  • Draft initial versions of blog posts, social media copy, video scripts, etc.
  • Polish your grammar, clarity, and flow as you refine your work
  • Tailor your messaging to resonate with different audience segments

My uncle, a former university dean, told me when I was struggling to write my Master’s thesis: “The first sentence that you write is the most important. Because you’ll know it’s not the right one.”

With ChatGPT 4, I get to the first draft in seconds. And I know it’s not the right one.

But then I can start doing the real work. I find it much easier to criticize, rewrite, and adjust an existing draft than to start with a blank page. It’s much easier to say: “Nah. That’s not quite there.” You probably do this every day with your employees.

4. Optimize Content for Search & Amplify Reach

For your amazing content to get seen, it must be optimized for search engines and distributed strategically. Too many entrepreneurs and business owners spend time, money, and resources creating great content that gets barely noticed. You need to put as much effort into promoting content as creating it.

Here again, knowing how to use chatGPTt comes in handy.

Simply input your draft content and have ChatGPT 4 identify relevant keywords to weave in naturally. It can also generate click-worthy meta descriptions and titles to boost your search rankings.

But be careful. If you hire someone to do content or SEO, make sure they do not just give you AI-written content. A recent Google core algorithm update is penalizing AI-generated content.

Apart from getting organic traffic from your content, you’ll want to get some eyeballs by promoting that content on your preferred growth marketing channels. Typical mistakes businesses make are spreading themselves too thin across too many platforms, inconsistent posting, or failing to respect the platform’s context and audience.

If you don’t know where to start, ChatGPT can suggest the most effective channels and tactics to promote your content and get in front of the right prospects.

I created an automated content promotion system to boost my content distribution. My goals were to save time, increase my social media presence and reach, stay true to my brand voice, and keep my flexibility to tweak the AI output.

If you’re interested, you can check this short AI-powered content promotion tutorial video. It goes beyond using ChatGPT, but will give you a glimpse of what is possible.

Supercharge Your Sales with AI Insights

ChatGPT 4 can give you massive results when applied to your sales strategy, processes, and operations. This AI tool can transform raw data into game-changing insights to inform your sales strategy and priorities.

1. Make Smarter Decisions with Data

As an entrepreneur, startup team, or business owner, you know the importance of prioritization and focus. Working extremely efficiently on the wrong lead or project won’t get you far. This is where data analysis and prioritization come in. Feeding your sales data into ChatGPT 4 can illuminate telling patterns and trends you would’ve missed.

You can quickly identify:

  • Your most profitable products/services
  • Key factors driving purchasing decisions
  • Untapped market segments to go after

Armed with this intel, you can double down on what’s working and pivot away from what’s not. I found this approach quite useful in teams that haven’t changed their sales approach in a while and are facing issues hitting their targets. Sometimes, you need a fresh perspective to get people out of their comfort zones and habits.

2. Delight Leads with Personalized Pitches

Generic, copy-paste sales outreach is so 2010. I receive templated emails and LinkedIn messages every day. I’m sure you do too. They don’t work.

To stand out, build rapport with a prospect, and increase your win rates, personalization is non-negotiable. ChatGPT 4 makes it a lot simpler to tailor your messaging at scale.

You can input info about your leads (demographics, past interactions, etc.) and watch ChatGPT generate relevant pitches that should increase your conversion rates. And to save time, you can even ask it to give you five options. You can A/B test them and monitor which messages perform better.

There are many other AI tools that can help you with personalization in sales. I like using workflows in If your team does a lot of cold emailing, I suggest you listen to my talk with Frank Sondors, CEO of SalesForge, an AI-powered tool that allows your sales team to do cold email personalization at scale.

3. Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

I’m sure you’ve heard that “sales cures everything.” That’s why you need your sales team to focus on the right tasks and opportunities. For example, lead qualification often eats up too much of your team’s valuable time. So why not automate it using ChatGPT 4?

You can set up your ideal lead criteria and let ChatGPT 4 sift through incoming leads 24/7. It can score and prioritize them based on their likelihood to convert, so your reps can focus on the hottest opportunities.

The same goes for other repetitive sales tasks like generating proposals, updating CRM records, and scheduling follow-ups. With ChatGPT 4 handling the grunt work, your sales team can spend more time doing what moves the needle, i.e. closing deals.

Deliver Mind-Blowing Customer Support

Customer experience can make or break a business. That’s why forward-thinking companies are using ChatGPT 4 to wow their customers at every turn:

1. Enable Anytime, Anywhere Support

Wish you could clone your best support agents? ChatGPT 4 may be the next best thing.

Train it on your knowledge base and most common FAQs. Then let it work its magic, serving up rapid-fire answers to customer inquiries 24/7. The result: happy customers who can get help whenever, wherever.

2. Provide Personalized, Proactive Service

Maybe you’re thinking: “Michel, people are tired of being served by AI chatbots who too often give them generic answers.” In some cases, I agree. It’s not a silver bullet.

That’s where you can bring your customer service to the next level. Great support is about more than just answering questions. It’s about making each customer feel seen and valued. ChatGPT 4 makes that infinitely easier:

By analyzing your customer data, it can give your agents crucial context about each person’s needs, preferences, and past experiences with your brand. Imagine the delight when a customer hears “I see you’ve been having trouble with Feature X. Here’s a tip to solve that!”

Plus, ChatGPT can even identify customers who may be at risk of churning and flag them for personalized TLC. It’s a great way to empower your team to offer better, faster, and more personalized service without having to put in more time or energy.

Ignite Innovation at Warp Speed

Companies can’t afford today to spend months or years bringing new products to market. The most innovative businesses use AI and ChatGPT 4 to speed up the process dramatically and de-risk their innovation projects.

1. Understand Customer Needs at a Deeper Level

Traditionally, product development begins with extensive user research to uncover unmet needs and desires. While crucial, this can be painstakingly slow.

By mining mountains of customer feedback, reviews, support tickets, and more, ChatGPT 4 can surface powerful insights about what your customers really want — in a matter of minutes rather than months. No more relying on tiny focus groups or biased surveys. ChatGPT 4 helps you understand your customers at an unprecedented scale and depth.

For instance, by combining ChatGPT with other automation tools, you and your team can develop a minimum-viable test that gathers feedback from real prospects or clients. You could ask ChatGPT 4:

  • “We are considering adding new integrations with marketing apps to our data visualization SaaS product. Can you help us develop a minimum-viable test to gather initial data points and feedback from existing customers and prospects?”

You will learn quickly if your messaging resonates with your target audience. You’ll find out if your idea solves a pain point that prospects would be willing to pay for to get solved.

2. Simulate “What If” Scenarios in Seconds

The path from idea to successful product is riddled with obstacles. In addition to designing tests, you can also preview which ideas are most likely to succeed (and which will flop) before spending a dime.

Feed ChatGPT 4 your product concepts and watch it generate data-driven predictions of how they might perform — complete with detailed analysis on potential drawbacks and use cases.

You can iterate dozens (even hundreds) of times in the virtual world before bringing a product to life, dramatically reducing risk and saving boatloads of time and money.

You might be thinking: “If everybody does that, where’s my edge?” Well, running data-driven predictions with ChatGPT is easier said than done. Developing a process, using the right data sets, and getting statistically significant results will require you and your team a bit of work and trial and error.

Streamline Every Corner of Your Biz

Last but not least, ChatGPT 4 can grease the wheels of your entire operation, helping you run leaner and more efficiently.

1. Automate Robotic Tasks Once & For All

Think of all the repetitive tasks that slow down your team — data entry, scheduling, reporting, etc. With ChatGPT 4, you can automate them and let your talented humans dedicate their brainpower to high-level, creative work instead.

2. Uncover Hidden Inefficiencies

ChatGPT 4 can dig through mountains of data — from project records to employee productivity stats — to identify waste and bottlenecks you never knew existed. Armed with these insights, you can optimize your operations like never before.

Make ChatGPT 4 Your Competitive Advantage

Still wondering how to use ChatGPTto take your business to new heights? The key is integrating it the right way:

  1. Start small. Pick 1–2 use cases to pilot where ChatGPT 4 could have a major impact.
  2. Gather quality training data to teach ChatGPT 4 your business (But use it right and avoid any legal and privacy pitfalls)
  3. Test relentlessly before deploying more widely.
  4. Develop playbooks to weave ChatGPT seamlessly into your team’s workflow.
  5. Obsessively monitor results and gather user feedback. Continuously fine-tune ChatGPT based on real-world performance.
  6. Foster a culture of experimentation. Encourage your team to dream up novel ways to leverage AI in their work.
  7. Keep training ChatGPT as your business and customer needs evolve.
  8. Remember, ChatGPT augments human ingenuity; it doesn’t replace it. Use AI to empower your people to do their best work.

How to Build Your Unfair Advantage with AI

Using AI effectively is not as easy as copy and pasting a prompt and clicking enter. You need to learn to question it, refine your asks, and expand the output you get with the right thinking.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can use ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve your business, we created a highly pragmatic course for leaders like you.

Entitled Leading with AI: How B2B Leaders Can Revolutionize Marketing and Sales Outcomes, it will help you:

  • Implement AI for Quick Wins in Marketing and Sales
  • Have the confidence to ask the right questions to your team and colleagues
  • Add the right tools to streamline your process, empower your teams, and generate better sales and marketing results

Here’s an overview of the curriculum:

Module 1: Kickstarting Your AI Journey: Quick Wins in Marketing and Sales
Module 2: Transforming Customer Insight with AI
Module 3: Mastering AI-Driven Messaging & Positioning
Module 4: Accelerating Content Creation and Distribution with AI
Module 5: Designing Effective AI-Enhanced Sales Outreach
Module 6: Closing More Deals Faster with AI
Module 7: Utilizing AI for Customer Retention and Growth
Module 8: Ethical AI Use and Maintaining Customer Trust
Module 9: Implementing and Integrating AI in Your Operations
Module 10: Staying Ahead: Innovations and Future Trends in AI

Check out the course here

The businesses that harness tools like ChatGPT 4 in unique ways will build an unfair advantage. It’s not just about efficiency — it’s about serving customers better and innovating faster.

But it doesn’t happen by just pressing a couple of buttons. Better start now.