About Us

Growth with a purpose

750 + people who care and share about setting growth systems, building user-centric products, and creating sustainable businesses.

Our content helps growth marketing and product teams build a better system for sustainable growth. Think experiments, rapid prototyping, data-driven decision making, and effective funnels to acquire, engage, and retain customers. 

We bring together profitability and sustainability without any sick twist?

Transform businesses into designers of positive change

We believe that:

Aiming high and challenging the status quo are the only way to build something meaningful

Collaboration & diversity create better solutions to big problems

Sustainability must be the default mode for operating businesses

Being authentic is the first step to building true relationships

Creative people can change the world

Since the world constantly change, we must constantly learn

Who we are

We're a team of interdisciplinary experts who've walked different paths.

Entrepreneurs, growth hackers, product managers, engineers, designers, data specialists and musicians. We like unconventional! Our diverse background and experience give us a unique take on business and on connecting the dots between disciplines.

S&A Founders


Guisela Farge | MD and Growth Manager


Michel Gagnon | Strategic Advisor 

Contact Us

We’ve tried to give all the answers you need through out our site, but if you still have questions or need some support with our products or services,  please fill out the form below.


You're the collaborative innovation type?

We like to go from individual
empowerment to collective strength. That
means sharing, learning, and pooling
resources. It's the mindset that drives us.


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