April 15, 2019

Tim Brownstone – Wearable Tech for Olympic Athletes, Astronauts, and the Rest of Us

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
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Launching Growth Leap Podcast

We decided to jump. Yes, we’re launching our podcast in which we talk to inspiring entrepreneurs, creators, and artists who are shaking things up. You’ll see. We got a pretty cool lineup of smart and innovative people. The idea is to understand their goals, how they got to where they are today, and discuss the businesses, artistic projects, or technologies that they’ve built.

So here we go!

Meet Tim Brownstone from Kymira: Wearable tech and Smart Fabrics disrupting sports, health, and space

In our first episode we talk to Timothy Brownstone, Founder and CEO of UK-based Kymira, a smart fabric and wearable technology company. Kymira’s products have been used or tested by the British Special Forces, Olympic athletes, and astronauts. How cool is that?

The company produces wearable products that react and interact with the human body using patented technology to convert heat into energy and information. They enhance the performance of athletes, aid circulation and recovery, and even monitor the well-being of unborn babies.

Tim’s decision to launch Kymira was born partly to help him recover from an injury, being a keen sportsman and having competed at international and national levels in the 200 meters, tetrathlon, shooting, and rowing.

During our conversation, we talked about Kymira’s smart sportswear products, the disruption he’s fomenting in the medical retail markets, as well as how the company went from a simple photobiologist’s idea to a fast growing and disruptive startup.

To make it easy for you, we’ve highlighted some parts of the show and added some useful links for you to refer to.

Enjoy and make sure you give us some feedback and ideas for our next episodes.

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Show Notes:

  1. What is Kymira and which products do they offer [01:25]
  2. What triggered the creation of Kymira – [03:28]
  3. The NASA paper that changed it all – [04:35]
  4. How Kymira came about – [05:50]
  5. Kymira’s products that will be demoed in Berlin in June – [07:20]
  6. Kymira’s sportswear collection overview – [09:26]
  7. How Kymira’s technology actually helps your body – [10:27]
  8. Who is Kymira’s sportswear target customer – [12:12]
  9. Can people working out a few times a week benefit from Kymira’s product – [14:10]
  10. How Kymira’s pain alleviating effects could lead you to want to train more – [15:00]
  11. Which medical applications is Kymira addressing – [16:22]
  12. Predicting a heart attack two days before it happens – [18:56]
  13. Kymira’s ambition to conquer space – [20:15]
  14. British Special Forces using Kymira’s products – [21:28]
  15. Where Tim sees the top opportunities for Kymira and wearable tech – [23:37]
  16. How Kymira approaches sustainability – [28:16]
  17. Which steps Tim followed to launch Kymira – [32:41]
  18. Why if Tim had to do it again, he would do it with a cofounder – [37:16]
  19. Kymira’s sales and distribution strategy – [42:21]
  20. Tim’s scientific approach to product marketing and sales – [44:09]
  21. Brand athletes, potential partners, investors – [47:33]
  22. How Kymira prioritizes and avoids diworsification – [51:52]
  23. How Tim got to his first European Space Agency funded contract – [54:34]
  24. How Tim got to his first European Space Agency funded contract – [54:34]
  25. Tim’s upcoming “world tour” – [57:04]

Selected Links

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