May 31, 2020

The Growth Leap Podcast

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
CEO of Stun&Awe

We’re glad to announce the relaunch of our podcast, Growth Leap. We told you we liked collaboration and people. Well, our podcast is another way to connect. Damn we’re consistent.

We designed Growth Leap for tech startup leaders who are interested in different ways to lead and run a business that creates a positive impact. We meticulously crafted the whole thing in our basement, with magic potions, exotic herbs, and a good amount of gin and tonic.

What makes Growth Leap unique (apart from the magic potions and exotic herbs) is its focus on leaders who are busy building the next generation of companies. Companies who aim to kick ass, disrupt, and make a positive contribution.

Your host Michel Gagnon chats with inspiring tech startup leaders to understand their journey and uncover some of their most valuable learnings and tips so that we all can learn from their experience. Ultimately, we want to give you the tools and resources to help you turn your own startups into a change maker. Michel has 15 years of experience in business from all possible vantage points: corporate world, startups, management consulting, tech companies, name it. He’s an entrepreneur, a coach, and tech company leader. He’ll always try to make it as concrete and actionable as possible for you. What can you expect?

  • Interviews with business builders and innovators from around the world.
  • Concrete examples of strategies and tactics they used to grow their business.
  • Tools and tips that you could use in your own meaningful endeavour.

You can expect a new Growth Leap Podcast episode twice a month.
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