January 25, 2024

The Best Growth Marketing Courses in 2024 to Boost Your Career

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
CEO of Stun&Awe

Hey there, so you've finally decided to dive headfirst into the world of growth marketing. Still on the fence about enrolling in a marketing course? I suggest you check out a fantastic article we've put together to help you make up your mind.

You're geared up to conduct A/B testing, streamline your conversion funnel, and discover the optimal product-market fit. Sounds exciting, right? You're bracing yourself to unleash all the acronyms -- CRO, SEO, PPC, UGC, CLV, and UX -- on your path to success!

But, there's just one little hitch; you've got no clue what those acronyms stand for!

It's about time you picked up that tab, keyed in your search, and signed up for a growth marketing course. The real question here is which course should you go for?

Just punch in "growth marketing course" into Google, and you'll be swamped with innumerable options, each claiming to be the most extraordinary growth hacking course ever. Now, they can't all hold the number one spot, can they?

To save you the hassle, we've gone ahead and sharpened our machetes, chopping down your alternatives to a more manageable three.

Let's dive right into the cream of the crop when it comes to growth marketing courses.

What is Growth Marketing?

Before we get started, you might want to take a few notes. Without a basic level of understanding of what growth marketing actually is, none of this will make sense.

At its core, growth marketing is designing and implementing marketing strategies that drive sustainable business growth. Sounds simple, right?

You use data and analytics to find growth opportunities. You then brainstorm ideas that could improve one of the growth levers (e.g. acquisition, retention, or monetization). You design your experiments and run them to test your hypothesis.

But here's the kicker, growth marketing doesn't stop at winning customers. It focuses on the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention, and aims to constantly improve and optimize that journey for both the customer and the business.

To be a successful growth marketer, you must acquire unique skills across various disciplines, such as digital marketing, analytics, sales, and even psychology.

Five Attributes of a Top-notch Growth Marketing Course

In your search for that ultimate growth marketing course, don't just flip a coin or follow the crowd. There are key characteristics that differentiate just any course from the cream of the crop. Here are five key areas you should be honing in on:

1. Comprehensive and Effective Curriculum

A quality growth marketing course should cover the critical pillars of experimentation without being overwhelming. That's your path to building a solid foundation in the field. Some subjects that should be non-negotiable in the course include:

  • Deep Dive into the Growth Marketing Process
  • Harnessing the Power of Data and Analytics
  • Mastering Growth Experiments• Navigating Acquisition Channels
  • Strategies to Ace Every Step of the Marketing Funnel (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue)

But, we're searching for excellence, and excellence goes beyond the basics. The course shouldn't just echo existing thoughts. It should propel you forward with actionable steps and lessons born from experience. Why just learn when you can execute, right?

2. Down-To-Earth Examples and Case Studies

Trust me on this one—any growth marketing course worth its weight goes the extra mile to tie theory to the real world.

Remember your school days with those word problems? The ones that made mathematical concepts less intimidating with tales of race cars or moon adventures. This is exactly what we're talking about.A standout course uses real-world examples to illustrate the nitty-gritty of growth marketing strategies in action across various industries and business models.

The big idea here? When it's time for you to apply these strategies in your business, you're not just mimicking. You're taking the driver's seat.

3. Hands-On Learning

The finest growth marketing courses don't just talk the talk. They make sure you walk the walk with real-world applications.

Expect assignments, interactive quizzes, projects, or even live campaigns that get you working with platforms and tools for data analysis, email marketing, A/B testing, and more. It's all about learning by doing, my friend.

4. Experienced Instructors Who Resonate with You

The course instructor will heavily impact your learning experience. Look for someone who has a track record and experience that goes beyond just the technical skills.

Effective growth marketers are business savvy and have a wide range of skills and experience. Effective instructors know who to help you connect new concepts and tools with your daily reality.Find someone that resonates with you. Find someone who will be able to share real-world experiences, provide insights into the industry, and guide you throughout your learning journey.

5. Accessible Course Materials and Support

Your chosen course should offer easily accessible materials, such as high-quality video lectures, templates, tools, and resources. The material should allow you to easily structure and apply the knowledge as you progress through the course.

Additionally, find out whether the course provides support through forums, live chat, or other means, allowing you to ask questions and get assistance when needed. This level of engagement can be crucial for understanding complex concepts and staying motivated throughout the course.

Best Growth Marketing Courses in 2024

Let’s review three top growth marketing courses in 2024: Stun and Awe, CXL Institute, and Growth Tribe. We're going to size them up using those five litmus tests we discussed earlier, with a bonus round for pricing.

Growth Leap by Stun and Awe

Growth Marketing Course by Stun and Awe

Stun and Awe is a growth marketing and product design agency. They've crafted a solid growth marketing course aimed at young marketing pros, startup founders, product managers, engineers, and anyone with an entrepreneurial gleam in their eye.

The course is designed to turn you into the most in-demand marketer by effectively learning the growth marketing process and tools. You will be able to achieve sustainable and predictable business growth without spending a fortune.


The course, Growth Marketing: Win, Onboard, and Retain More Customers, contains seven modules:

  1. Stop Gambling, Start Growing with Confidence
  2. Understand the Science of Growth
  3. The 6 Growth Levers to Build a Profitable Business
  4. The 4-Step Process that Drives Consistent Growth
  5. Data: How to Measure and Track Effectively
  6. Implement Growth Strategies and Growth Loops
  7. Practice: Design your Own Experiment
  8. 3 Quick Start Guides to Launch Your Growth Marketing

The curriculum includes the essentials to equip you with a solid foundation in growth marketing principles and techniques.

The course also comes with five bonuses with a combined value of $1130.

  • BONUS #1: Product Strategy & Market Positioning
  • BONUS #2: High Productivity Tools
  • BONUS #3: Free Individual 1-hour Growth Consultation
  • BONUS #4: Personalized 30-day Action Plan
  • BONUS # 5: Preferential discount on Generative AI to boost your copywriting, sales, and marketing

Case Studies

The course includes detailed real-life examples and case studies on companies to help you reinforce your learning and see them in a concrete business setting. This helps students understand the practical implementation of the concepts being taught and gain insights into their effectiveness.


Growth Leap emphasizes hands-on learning, incorporating assignments, interactive quizzes, and projects that allow students to apply the skills learned in real-world situations all delivered with video support. “This is not Netflix.” You can’t just watch a few videos and master growth marketing. Dig your hands in, get dirty, and try out the lessons every step of the way.


The Growth Leap growth marketing course is taught by Michel Gagnon, who has a remarkable and unique experience. CEO of a tech company, he has launched multi-million-dollar tech products, and done business in 15+ markets, including market launches generating revenues north of $20M. Michel has also helped 50+ startups and scaleups expand into new markets, validate product ideas, and design scalable operations.

A business coach, mentor, and former Management Consultant at PwC, Michel puts growth marketing into a no-BS business context. His students benefit from his growth experience, his clear and personable teaching style, and his desire to see them grow and reach their goals.


In addition to the 2.5 hours of on-demand video lectures, the course includes a series of nifty tools and resources:

  • Course workbook to help you define your North Star, prioritize your ideas using the ICE framework, analyze your funnel, manage your idea backlog, and an experiment sheet.
  • Notion Growth Experiment Dashboard Template to easily prioritize, design, track, and analyze your growth experiments
  • A project to practice how to design your own experiment
  • A 47-page ebook with 25 Overlooked Tactics to Grow Your Audience and Customer Base
  • 3 guides to get your started based on your situation
  • High Productivity Tools like an executive dashboard, a high-productivity meeting agenda template, and an issue tracker to stay on top of your challenges.

This toolbox is everything you need to get started and have room to progress on your growth hacking journey.


At just $197, Stun and Awe comes with an extremely reasonable price point that invites serious students who want the fundamentals to hit the ground running. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.


One of the latest testimonials for Growth Leap says it all:

“Exactly what founders need. Most comprehensive course out there, I liked it fully! The best part is that it includes frameworks and templates. It's super useful!” –Megesh Vaidun, Founder,

CXL Institute

CXL Institute's growth marketing program

CXL Institute is a leading provider of online marketing courses, focusing on delivering top-quality education in growth marketing. They offer comprehensive courses to help professionals “go from dabbler to growth pro."


CXL Institute's curriculum covers a wide range of growth marketing topics and is a seven-part “mini degree.”

  1. Growth Marketing Foundations
  2. Running Growth Experiments
  3. Data and Analytics
  4. Conversion
  5. Channel-Specific Growth Skills
  6. Growth Program Management
  7. Management

Those seven modules comprise 30 courses, including over 95 hours of video tutorials. To get your certification, you must take a final exam—and score 90% or above. If you are busy and want a straightforward growth marketing course, CXL may well be too overwhelming.

Case Studies

While plenty of practical examples are referenced, CXL often focuses on materials created in-house and leans heavily on the instructors’ experience.


CXL has created a nice blend of video support and hands-on learning, resulting in a great student experience. Very rarely will you question something, as it has been tested iteratively over the years to streamline the process.

The CXL course, despite having many great tutors, consists of somewhat disconnected courses that form a larger one (Growth Marketing Course). People new to the field will easily get overwhelmed.


Several instructors, including Michael Aagaard, Momoko Price, John McBride, and Chris Mercer, will guide growth marketing students. Each has a different perspective, giving you a broad vision of the material.


The course includes easily accessible video lectures, slides, and resources, ensuring students have all the materials necessary for success. CXL Institute offers some support, but mainly through forums and live chat. They use WordPress as their content management and learning platform, which often makes the navigation slightly awkward.


CXL is quite expensive compared to other viable alternative. They do offer pricing based on getting access to their entire library of 90+ courses and 10+ minidegrees. The annual subscription is over $1500, which makes it a bit prohibitive to many.


It’s not hard to find graduates singing the praises of CXL courses.

“CXL has led to more professional growth than any other year of my life. The best educational investment I have ever made.” – Josh R., Managing Director, Mantis3D

Growth Tribe

Growth marketing by Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe is a well-known European provider of growth marketing education, offering courses aimed at “results-oriented” and “ambitious” marketers.


Growth Tribe has broken its course into six modules:

  1. Back to the Fundamentals
  2. Make Data Work for You
  3. Design & Execute Your Own Experiments
  4. Funnel Marketing (Awareness & Acquisition)
  5. Funnel Marketing (Activation & Retention)
  6. Funnel Marketing (Referral & Revenue)

Each includes several sub-courses, and they suggest spending two to four hours a week toward the certificate.

Case Studies

Not only do they work through various case studies, but each one is fully downloadable, meaning you can save it for future reference. Growth Tribe helps learners understand the real-world impact of these strategies and how to apply them successfully in their organizations.


With much shorter video sections, Growth Tribe focuses on getting materials into your hands and letting you experiment. It is very hands-on but still an individual process, not connected to other students.


The company explains that their instructors are “real-life professionals” who dedicate a few days a week to teaching. Their instructors are usually a lot less experienced with limited track records. While it is a little less transparent on who exactly will be instructing you at every step, Growth Tribe has been in the market for nearly a decade cultivating a vast support network.


Templates, guides, and worksheets are all downloadable, meaning you’ll get value past the date of graduation. Growth Tribe also provides support through forums, live chat, and other means to help students address questions and concerns throughout the course.


The growth marketing certificate program costs over $550, making it quite expensive, especially in light of the instructors' more limited experience.


With a history going back to 2015, there are thousands of reviews for Growth Tribe online. Here’s a recent one:

“The Growth Marketing Certificate gives you a great insight in the potential that lies behind traditional marketing. It provides you with the right info, step-by-step, and the tools to make it happen and experiment for yourself.” – Joren van den Eng, Konica Minolta

Final Thoughts

While all three growth marketing courses offer comprehensive curriculums, Stun and Awe stands out with its effective, uncluttered, and methodological approach that helps you grasp the essentials quickly without being overwhelmed by unnecessary content.

Priced at $197, Stun and Awe offers exceptional value for money, especially considering the quality of the course content and the expertise of the instructor. Also, if you don’t have 100s of hours to spend studying online, you’ll be better served by Stun and Awe’s to-the-point approach.

If a high-quality, hands-on growth marketing course is your goal, your search ends with Stun and Awe.Ready to accelerate your marketing career?  You can sign up for Stun and Awe's Growth Marketing Course HERE and unlock your full potential!