April 29, 2019

Philipp Wehn – Siemens Mobility’s Innovation Approach to Rapid Prototyping and Saving Lives

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
CEO of Stun&Awe

In our new podcast episode, we talk to Philipp Wehn, Digital Innovation Manager at Siemens Mobility about using wearable technology to save lives and how to innovate in a corporate environment.

Philipp has had high ambitions over the past year: make a large corporation like Siemens move as fast as a startup.

To get there, he’s been working hard on solving an important problem. How to improve the safety of railroad maintenance workers.

The result of this has been the development of a wearable safety product and new approach to corporate innovation with an ecosystem of partners. Instead of trying to control and manage all innovation internally, Siemens Mobility decided to collaborate with external partners.

In our discussion, Philipp explains the advantages of this approach to innovation and shares some of the challenges he faced along the way. He also shares how startups with innovative ideas can collaborate with Siemens Mobility.

To make it easy for you, we’ve highlighted some parts of the show and added some useful links for you to refer to.

Enjoy and make sure you give us some feedback and ideas for our next episodes.

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This episode features references to the following:

  1. Overview of Siemens Mobility - [01:27]
  2. Philipp’s previous fitness startup experience - [02:47]
  3. What brought Philipp to innovation in mobility - [03:59]
  4. What are autonomous bus/tram systems - [05:05]
  5. How Philipp embarked on tackling safety issues - [05:48]
  6. The approach they used to develop a wearable that can save lives - [08:09]
  7. The partners they brought together - [09:01]
  8. How did the process go with internal teams - [10:26]
  9. Why did they position this pilot project outside the company office - [13:19]
  10. Why it’s critical to validate your innovation with end users first - [15:07]
  11. A new approach to innovation - [17:25]
  12. Which challenges did Philipp face throughout the project - [20:02]
  13. When will the product be released - [22:11]
  14. The advantage of a corporation to bring innovation to market - [22:55]
  15. The other projects that Philipp doesn’t want to talk about - [25:07]
  16. How startups can collaborate on innovation with Siemens Mobility - [26:15]
  17. How they prioritize innovation projects - [28:08]
  18. How to overcome internal resistance to innovation in a corporation - [29:00]
  19. Philipp’s advice to startups who want to get involved in corporate innovation - [31:47]
  20. His view on mobility tech developments - [33:38]
  21. Philipp’s view on upcoming wearable tech innovation - [37:05]
  22. Where does Philipp see the biggest business opportunities - [40:00]
  23. An app for the foodies out there - [41:35]
  24. Our rapid fire questions for Philipp - [42:20]

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