Joseph Fung on building six startups, gaining traction, and transforming sales

Joseph Fung on building six startups, gaining traction, and transforming sales

How do you acquire new customers? What kind of tools does your sales team need to really drive growth? Well it’s your lucky day! Today’s podcast guest knows all about building startups, gaining traction, and enabling sales teams with tools and trainings.

Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who’s launched six startups and went through a few successful exits. In 2013, his startup TribeHR was acquired by NetSuite, which ended up being acquired by Oracle four years later.

Today, Joseph is Founder and CEO of Kiite a sales enablement software. Since he wasn’t busy enough, he also ecided to launch earlier this year Uvaro, an Online Tech Sales Training program with a pretty exciting no-upfront-tuition offering.

In this episode, Joseph shares a ton of advice for startup and scaleup teams. We talk about how to gain traction, how to develop the right startup culture, and the revolution that’s happening right now in sales.

Check it out. We had a great time!

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Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

What’s Kiite - [00:57]

How Joseph came up with new startup ideas - [01:53]

The new revolutionary venture that Joseph recently just launched - [04:26]

The brand strategy and business model behind Uvaro - [06:21]

Joseph’s secrets to gain product market fit and acquire customers - [10:40]

Kiite's sales and marketing strategy - [13:36]

The sales generational change and what you need to be successful in sales today - [14:54]

Joseph's secret weapon to scale startups - [18:24]

What Joseph recommend early-stage startups to do as early as possible - [21:47]

The three elements of a startup culture - [24:45]

The time when one of Joseph's employees told him he was being a jerk - [26:12]

Joseph's perspective on the startup CEO - [30:54]

The single biggest challenge for entrepreneurs - [36:13]

What kind of hires should early-stage startups look for and how to grow people - [38:11]

What's next for Kiite and Uvaro - [46:43]

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