Sallyann Della Casa – How to Stay Relevant and Skilled in a World of AI and Robots


With the rise of AI and robots, what’s the future of work for us mere mortals? Don’t go hide in your closet my friend, listen to our podcast instead. Because our guest today has an answer to that question.

,,Sallyann Della Casa is Founder and Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC, an edtech company who benchmarks, maps, develops, and measures soft skills to current and future jobs. Headquartered in Dubai and managing a distributed team across Eastern Europe, India, and the U.S., GLEAC helps leading companies like Prada, Accenture, and Deloitte measure and develop a variety of soft skills.

Sallyann is a very dynamic woman with a rather fascinating story. She left a corporate lawyer job to launch her own tech company and reinvent how to help people stay relevant in a fast changing world.

In this episode, Sallyann and I talk about courage, company culture, how to scale and manage a distributed team, and what GLEAC is doing to help people develop 21st century skills.


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Show Notes

What is GLEAC all about – [01:05]

How Sallyann went from corporate lawyer to tech startup founder – [02:29]

Sallyann’s experience as a non-tech founder – [04:17]

How Sallyann built a distributed team on three continents – [07:06]

How GLEAC helps Prada, Accenture, and Deloitte with sales training and augmented reality – [08:09]

How GLEAC tackles the forgetting curve and differentiates itself from well established players – [12:58]

Sallyann’s growth mindest and approach to going for the $1 million deal – [15:26]

How the COVID-19 crisis impacted the GLEAC business – [17:49]

How GLEAC has been fairing through the coronavirus crisis – [17:49]

Sallyann’s not-to-do list and why dropping sales leads is sometimes the right thing to do – [20:00]

Which tools Sallyann uses to manage product development with teams in different time zones – [24:02]

The challenge of building a company culture in distributed team – [27:11]

Sallyann’s advice to other startup leaders on managing their own psychology – [30:43]

What’s next for GLEAC – [34:15]

Selected Links


,,GLEAC on LinkedIn

,,Sallyann on LinkedIn

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