How to raise 100K in a week to fund your startup with Conscious Growth CIO Julia Profeta Johansson

How to raise 100K in a week to fund your startup with Conscious Growth CIO Julia Profeta Johansson

Is there a way to finance your startup without losing your shirt and your conscience? Our guest today believes so. She even has a solution ready for you.

Julia Profeta Johansson is Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Conscious Growth, a Berlin-based company that offers founder-friendly, non-dilutive lending.They launched late last year, have already gained solid traction, and are now working on a whole set of financial products and tools for startups.

Julia has an impressive professional experience. She's seen it all in finance, having worked in investment banking, private equity, VC, and impact investing. That diverse experience convinced her that there's a new way to run and support businesses. An approach that goes beyond the mindless pursuit of high valuation.

Now with Conscious Growth, she wants to accelerate how technology, business and investments can generate social and environmental impact.

In the episode, we talk about smarter ways to finance your startup growth, how Julia approaches customer acquisition, tools that you can use to measure your impact, and how women are doing in tech and business.

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