Cé-Marina: Designer Profile – Collaborating w/ creatives

Marina is a Barcelona-based designer who we met during our latest business trip to Barcelona. She’s the creative mind behind Ce-Marina

We met at @unboxnight an event hosted by MOB where we had the opportunity to present our approach on “building and empowering brands” along with other creative agencies.

The connection was instantaneous. I like to call it “ the Latin American connection” plus we shared a love for creative communities and outside-the-box thinkers and collaboration. Long story short we started collaborating shortly after, and Marina helped us with graphics and illustration for a recent Showroom in Berlin event – “Unconventional Brands”.

Marina started experiencing with art at a very early age. She is an outstanding Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator. She holds a MSc. in Branding from Barcelona.  She has worked for startups, consultancies and schools in different roles: graphic designer, social network consultant, infographic and illustration maker. Her multi-disciplinary expertise means that there is practically no project that can resist her. 

Q: How do you define yourself as an artist & designer?

I define myself as an artpreneur, which is the combination of art + entrepreneur.

From my perspective illustration is magic. It’s storytelling. Through drawings and design I can relate a story, empathize with someone and share a message. Illustration is a soul-feeding activity for me. I am really glad I have the opportunity to do it.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about our collaboration and your contribution?

The collaboration with stun and awe was a nice teamwork experience. Guisela contacted me a week after the MOB event. We scheduled a Skype meeting and talked about a project in October. I was really glad to hear from them. We shared our perspectives and started to work!

In the middle of the collaboration, I also had the pleasure to meet Tong who’s Visual Brand Director for stun and awe. We had a brainstorming Skype session between Canada (Tong) Barcelona (myself) and Berlin (Guisela) to design and illustrate the digital material. These were busy days but I think we ended up with a great result!

I will never forget the last Skype session where the three of us had a really interesting conversation about contemporary design that lasted an hour. I treasured those moments.

Q: Who inspires you? Where does your inspiration come from?

Nowadays, social media allows us designers, illustrators, and artists to showcase our abilities by sharing our work. I think the best part comes from offering valid and well-reasoned opinions between us.

My main inspiration to grow as an illustrator comes from various talented illustrators like Malika Favre, Frannerd, Agathe Sorlet, Iraville, Nina Cosford, Petra Eriksson, Laura Bernard and many others.

Everyone I mentioned has a different style but also has a story behind their work. Sometimes you nourish yourself by discovering their experiences and stories rather than just looking at their work.  

Besides the inspiration I think that as an illustrator, I am building my own style by practicing everyday and believing in what I do.

Q: Any current & next projects to share?

Yes! I have fresh news! This month I was working on a project that is also a dream come true: the first collection of illustrated objects by Cé Marina. I started making a small exclusive collection of illustrated coffee cups and I am glad to tell that everything is sold out!

At the moment I am working really hard developing the business plan to run my online shop and product portfolio. I’m getting support for these projects from a female entrepreneur program run by a government agency.

Also I will publish soon a new collection of illustrated coffee cups and the online shop. I look forward to announce it so everyone can see the love and effort I am putting into this.

Check out Ce-Marina’s journey as an artpreneur here:

website: cemarina.com

Instagram: @cemarina.art

Mail: hello@cemarina.com

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