Plan A Founder & CEO Lubomila Jordanova on fighting climate change with data-driven technology


What needs to happen for businesses to commit to building a sustainable future? Scientists around the world have been repeating that we don’t have the luxury of time to address climate change, we must act now.

Our podcast guest this week has taken on the challenge. ,,Lubomila Jordanova is CEO & Founder of ,,Plan A, a Berlin-based tech startup who helps companies reduce their environmental impact, engage their employees, and drive their own agenda towards carbon neutrality.

It’s a startup that has garnered quite a lot of attention over the years and won a few months ago the ,,Digital Top 50 (DT50) award for sustainability. DT50 is a joint initiative by Google, McKinsey, Rocket Internet, and Freshfields to reward Europe’s most promising startups.

Lubomila left the VC world three years ago to get on a mission to fight climate change with technology and education. The story of what drove her to launch Plan A is amazing!

But how do you set yourself up for success when you launch a tech startup to save the planet? In this very special episode on sustainability and growth you will get a deeper look into the very inspiring person behind Plan A and how she approached the challenge.


Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

How Plan A helps businesses reduce their emissions by 50% within a year – [00:52]

What drove Lubomila to leave VCs and launch Plan A – [01:50]

Plan A’s business model, and how early pivots turned out to be blessings in disguise – [05:08]

How Lubomila sets the company’s strategy and makes sure everyone is aligned – [10:18]

Lubomila’s new side project to change the world that already counts more than 200 member companies and 170 advisors – [14:27]

One of Lubomila’s top challenges with running a tech startup- [19:44]

What KPIs Lubomila uses to measures success at Plan A – [20:30]

Why she believes we’re not at the level of factfulness needed to act faster on climate change – [23:06]

The progress in the VC community and consumer habits that Lubomila sees despite conflict between economic growth and saving the planet – [25:22]

Lubomila’s prediction on what will happen with sustainability in times of global pandemic – [29:41]

Lubomila’s top advice for tech startup founders – [32:10]

Lubomila’s book recommendations – [35:05]


(Graphic credit: Plan A) Learn more about Plan A solution model


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