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The partnership


– Brain-to-Computer Tech

Stun and Awe has partnered with Portugal-based Muarts to enhance events and artistic performances using neuroscience technology.



Muarts’ technology can be integrated into a variety of performances to enhance the overall participants’ experience.

  • Transmedia live performance

  • Audio-visual interactive performance

  • Dance performance


Create a unique experience in any type of events promoting innovation, technology, well being or creativity. Muarts can create multi-sensory immersive experiences that amplify a global consciousness and mindfulness.

  • Tech-mediated interactive meditation

  • Transformational yoga

  • Wine tasting

  • Brain-to-brain interaction

Music Events.

Muarts’ brain-to-digital-media technology allows to explore the artist’s performance at a whole new level. Now the performer has a direct mental connection to its audience. The brain becomes the new instrument.

  • DJ live performance

  • Solo artist concert

  • Music festival


What is the technology about?

Our brain constantly generates electromagnetic activity. Muarts developed an EEG Neuro-headset (a dry and wireless electroencephalography device) that can capture the brain’s electrical signals. The headset receives and classifies these signals to understand the mental processes associated with the kinetics of expression. Muarts then converts and amplifies these signals into a chromatic and music scale to be able to translate them into a visual and auditory representations of what’s going on inside of us.

Scope of Collaboration

Stun and Awe has partnered with Portugal-based Muarts to enhance events and artistic performances using neuroscience technology. Muarts has developed a technology that can access and process brain information in real-time and project it on a digital or physical interface.

By integrating brain-to-computer technology to your marketing, music, artistic, or company events you can add a new immersive and mindful element that will mark the participants for a long time.

Imagine visualizing in real time on a giant wine bottle your brain’s reaction during a wine tasting event. Imagine being able to see how a dancer or a musician’s brain react as she performs live her favorite choreography or music piece. Imagine all the possibilities that neuroscience offers you to truly creating a memorable event during your next workshop, retreat, or performance.

What if you could provoke a heightened state of awareness through a remarkable experiential immersion?

As Muarts’ official Strategy and Marketing Agency, our partnership includes strategy, sales, and marketing support as well as collaboration on joint projects. Being based in Berlin, we will help Muarts with its market entry in Germany, but we have also exciting international plans in the pipeline.

Stay tuned!



Scope of the Project

Want to include the technology on your music, wellness, marketing experiential projects?

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