Ideal for Corporates/Startups


Leapfrog your growth with our Growth LEAP-1-day workshop

Our 1-day workshop is specifically customized to tackle the most pressing growth challenges that you and your management team are facing.


We train you on ready-to-use agile management tools and methodologies to help you build scalable teams and operations, and reach your growth goals


You learn to use with real-life examples tried and tested tools

Our workshop starts before it actually happens. With our pre-workshop assessment, we work with you to determine what issues need to be addressed most urgently. We want to work with you on what matters. Instead of receiving a generic training, you get a fully tailored workshop filled with tried and tested growth tools that you learn to use and can start implementing in your company right away.


Our clients typically need help with team alignment and OKR setting/implementation, having a structured approach to international expansion, process scalability, or refining their product strategy and improving the roadmap prioritization. 


Ultimately, we aim at helping you implemented a few key strategic initiatives that will turn your business into a well-oiled growth machine and stop you from constantly firefighting.

We guide you through a structured agenda

Although our workshop is customized for your unique needs, we follow a structured approach before and during the workshop. 


1-2 weeks before the workshop

  • pre-workshop assessment (online questionnaire filled by all participants


Day of Workshop 

  • Fixing the problem (we get straight into the core of your growth challenges)

  • Saving time (we show you tested tools and methodologies)

  • Learning by doing (you learn to use the tools/methodologies using a real case from your company)

  • Why it will not work (together we identify all the pitfalls that could prevent you from successfully implementing the new approach in your company)

  • Make it stick (we design a plan to implement 1-2 key initiatives with all required elements, e.g. team structure, mindset, process, tools, training, analyses)


  • Full-day of actionable growth and agile management training

  • Growth assessment report consolidating your team’s perspective on growth challenges

  • Full training, real-life experimentation, and access to our growth tools and methodologies

  • Workshop recap of 1-2 key initiatives, key learnings, potential pitfalls, and make-it-stick plan

  • Proven agile management framework and communication model

  • Decades of experience in growth strategy & execution

Sallyann Della Casa  CEO at GLEAC


The team is a solid experienced sounding board and helps me cut through the noise. They are constantly re-directing me to focus on the key drivers of the business. They have also provided me with tools that can help me stay on track and measure whether I am hitting the company's strategic goals or not. My chats with them are human. They help me get clarity.