Ideal for Tech companies


Boost your company's performance and reduce your stress and workload with our GROWTH LEAP workshop

Designed for business leaders, our workshop helps you understand your blind spots, prioritize your efforts, and define a clear action plan to boost your company's performance.

Get clarity on what will have an impact and make your company work like clockwork

Our workshop is designed to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and not having control. 

We teach you how to break down your complex business and daily challenges into three simple building blocks. We also show you how identity-based leadership, focused on adopting critical habits, can help you accelerate your progress to your growth objectives. 

Get support customized to your specific needs

Our workshop starts before it actually happens. With our pre-workshop questionnaire, we begin identifying what issues need to be addressed most urgently.


We want to work with you on what matters. Instead of receiving a generic training, you get a customized workshop filled with tried and tested growth tools that you learn to use and can start implementing in your company right away.

Start implementing tried and tested tools right away

Using our buidling blocks, identity-based leadership, and GROWTH LEAP tools, we will help you develop a plan focused on a few areas of improvement. We will identify a series of clear steps needed to help your implement the change, and most importantly, stick to it. 

No endless power point decks full of unpractical theories. Instead you’ll discover an approach that will radically change how you manage your business.

Aim to get real results

Improved alignment

Sallyann Della Casa  CEO at GLEAC


The team is a solid experienced sounding board and helps me cut through the noise. They are constantly re-directing me to focus on the key drivers of the business. They have also provided me with tools that can help me stay on track and measure whether I am hitting the company's strategic goals or not. My chats with them are human. They help me get clarity.



Our Growth Leap workshop is designed to boost the performance of tech companies, from young startups to more established organizations with hundreds of employees. You will get actionable insights and clear steps to help your teams become more effective.



Learn more about the Growth LEAP Workshop experience.

  • Full-day of actionable growth and agile management training

  • Growth assessment report consolidating your team’s perspective on growth challenges

  • Full training, real-life experimentation, and access to our growth tools and methodologies

  • Workshop recap of 1-2 key initiatives, key learnings, potential pitfalls, and make-it-stick plan

  • Proven agile management framework and communication model