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Design your startup to execute like clockwork and create a positive impact

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A simple system to run your startup like a boss

Our GROWTH LEAP COACHING helps tech company leaders design their business for higher performance and impact with less work by implementing a simple, no-bs management system.

Are you drowning in work?

Managing a tech company can be extremely stressful, tiring, and overwhelming: hiring employees, aligning the team, fixing bugs, managing unhappy customers, expanding into new markets, launching new features...


Long hours, stress, big responsibilities, sleep deprivation. These aren't ingredients for an exotic long drink, but typical characteristics of the lives of so many startup leaders.

What if there was another way?

We've been there, and we've looked for a solution to help simplify and strengthen the business. That's how we came to develop a simple system to run your startup like a boss.​

OKRs - Strategic alignment coaching, workshops
Growth Leap - Coaching

Manage your business in less than 10 hours/week 

Instead of having to go through an endless list of todos and problems to fix, our GROWTH LEAP COACHING  helps you get a grip on your business. We coach you on how to manage your startup with a focus on four key areas. 

For each area, we introduce you to a series of tried and tested tools that will completely change your approach to managing your operations and strategic intitiatives.

With few hours a week you'll radically change your startup's operations and positive impact

  • Get visibilty over your key metrics, initiatives, and issues

  • Rapidly prioritize and solve key issues

  • Reduce your time spent in calls and meetings

  • Improve alignment among your team

  • Increase your company's positive impact


We help you identify your blind spots, prioritize your efforts, and define a clear action plan to boost your company's performance 📈.

Learn Growth Leap System

How does it work?

Through a combination of 1-on-1 remote coaching sessions, online course content, and tools, we teach you the Growth Leap SYSTEM and guide you every step of the way.

We show you how to use and implement the exact tools that we have successful implemented in our business and that of our clients.

Tailored to your needs

After introducing you to the system, we do an analysis of your business challenges using our Growth Leap assessment.


We then work with you to pick 1-2 priorities to put in place that will have a significant impact on your business growth or operations.


This way, we go straight to tackling your unique and most important challenges.


After mastering our GROWTH LEAP SYSTEM, you'll be able to:

Four core areas to help you simplify, prioritize, and execute 


Our strategy tools will help you make sure your team works on your top challenges. Instead of a fluffy vision statement, we boil down your purpose, values, goals, and strategic initiatives into a highly practical two-pager.


The world is full of defunct companies who had a solid strategy, but failed to get things done. 

Our execution tools will help you track closely your performance, solve problems effectively and creatively, and get laser focused and what matters. 


Our people tools will help you rapidly diagnose if your issues are due to a lack of structure, capacity, or the right mindset.

What if you could significantly increase the output and engagement of your team?


Our sustainability tools help you identify your sustainability risks andopportunities.


We'll walk you through a 4-step process to make sure your startup is creating a positive impact and is designed for the long run.


Sallyann Della Casa  CEO at GLEAC


The team is a solid experienced sounding board and helps me cut through the noise. They are constantly re-directing me to focus on the key drivers of the business. They have also provided me with tools that can help me stay on track and measure whether I am hitting the company's strategic goals or not. My chats with them are human. They help me get clarity.

You're in good company



Our Growth Leap System is designed to boost the performance of tech companies with 15-250 employees. You will get actionable insights and clear steps to help your teams become more effective. 

Growth Leap System



GL Online Course

Get all the growth essentials to start transforming your business

✔️  64 Growth Capsules

✔️  25+ in-depth video lectures

✔️  7 downloadable proven tools

✔️  Assignment review and feedback on your work

✔️  Worksheets, cheatsheets and helpful resources

✔️ Selfpace & certification

✔️  Full time access updates & upgrades

Community Discussions



GL Cohort Program

Get all growth essentials in 4-weeks program + Actionable real world examples from some of the top growth leaders in the industry

Spring Application Ends by 8 March

✔️  64 Growth Capsules

✔️  25+ in-depth video lectures

✔️  7 downloadable proven tools

✔️  4 weeks program

✔️  Worksheets, cheatsheets and helpful resources

✔️  Full time access updates & upgrades

✔️  1x 2h remote workshop with some of the top growth leaders, facilated and thought by Michel (founder StunandAwe Academy, Global MD plista -Adtech, APX Advisor)

✔️  Topics: Growth System, Accelerate traction, team alignment & Sustainability

✔️  Community Discussions




Expert support to rapidly

implement the system in your business

✔️  Full access to one Online Course

✔️  45-minute bi-monthly coaching calls with an initial 60 minute kick-off call.

✔️  Customized action plan with weekly focus and tasks

✔️   Shared Dashboard with your Coach to track goals, progress, and next steps.

✔️  Weekly recap with 1-2 priorities, key learnings, potential pitfalls.

Get product updates, organizational insights, and instructions on how to deploy Growth Leap at your company

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