Growth Leap Cohort - Spring 2023

Design a startup that runs like clockwork

Accelerate traction, align your team, hit the growth stage

Are you having a tough time keeping your team focused on your startup's main challenges? Are you struggling to balance customer acquisition, marketing, product development, and operations? In this course, you will learn to design your startup to hit the growth stage faster. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will gain confidence, use tools to align effectively your team, and adopt a smart growth mindset.

Course Outcomes

Here's what you can expect to learn in this course

  • Get clarity on what moves your business forward
  • Stop guessing and accelerate traction by bringing consistency and predictability
  • Simplify your complex business issues using our focused growth framework
  • Boost your team's productivity and alignment
  • Rapidly prioritize and solve key issues so that they do not reappear
  • Grow your team with effective coaching and training.
  • Make better and faster decisions

How does it work

You'll learn key concepts and tools through short video lectures and highly practical activities. You'll be able to take advantage of our experience as we will give you direct feedback on your assignments. To further support your progress, you'll have the opportunity to join our community of change makers to exchange ideas and share learnings.

Growth Leap Certificate

What's inside GROWTH LEAP

  • 6 Complete Modules (25+ video lessons)
  • Our lessons are short and designed for busy people. They help you learn rapidly key concepts and tools with a fun and varied approach.
  • Live session with startup builders
  • At the end of our course, you join a 2-hour session with experienced growth leaders. We walk you through real-life examples and models.
  • Proven Tools
  • For each of our system's core areas, you get tools that you can use now. You can immediately implement them in your startup and apply right away what you learned.
  • Growth Ideas
  • Driving growth is so much easier when you don't have to manage every single aspect of your startup. We’ll save you time by giving you proven ways to grow.
  • Certification
  • By the end of the course you will earn your "Growth Leap for Tech Startups" certification. A great way to upgrade your skills and share your accomplishment on your Linkedin profile.
  • Community
  • Join our exclusive community. As they test and implement what they learned, we encourage our students to share their own experience and wins so you can learn from each other.

Course curriculum

What you will learn:

  • Lesson 0: Getting Started
  • Lesson 1: The Growth Leap System
  • Lesson 2: Focus & Work on the Right Things
  • Lesson 3: Strategy & Team Alignment
  • Lesson 4: Product Strategy & Prioritization
  • Lesson 5: People - Get and Grow the Right Team
  • Lesson 6: Execution - Foundation and Data
  • Lesson 7: Execution - Take Control
  • Lesson 8: Execution - Accelerate Growth
  • Lesson 9: Sustainability: Build Something Meaningful Conclusion

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